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2021 ACEC Scholarship Winner Jillian Brislin

Meet Jillian Brislin, a/e ProNet’s 2021 ACEC Scholarship winner. Ever since her grandfather (a civil engineer) bought her her first Erector Set as a child, it has been Jillian’s dream to build bridges. She recently sat down with a/e ProNet member Brent Gough of Ames & Gough (MA) and a/e ProNet Executive Director, Lynda Colucci to discuss her career dreams.

A native Philadelphian, Jillian is now in her fourth year at Northeastern University in Boston, MA. She intends to graduate with a bachelor’s degree in Civil Engineering and will further pursue a Master’s Degree with emphasis in Structural Engineering (as well as the coveted PR and/or SE designations.) These are lofty goals, but they are certainly achievable for such an ambitious young woman. One of Jillian’s dreams is to travel around the world and study the works (and structures) of old cathedrals and mosques. How is it they still stand century after century?

Jillian is humbled and excited to receive a/e ProNet’s scholarship and she is looking forward to someday working on new bridges and infrastructures here at home. Congratulations Jillian! We are proud to invest in your education and we know you will go on to do great things!