Our Members

a/e ProNet members are independent, specialist insurance brokers. Each has demonstrated exceptional knowledge, service, and commitment to the design community before receiving an invitation to join this long-standing professional network. Together, we represent more than 16,000 architecture and engineering firms of all sizes and across all disciplines.

Our specialization equates to an in-depth understanding of your design firm’s professional practice. We require that our members meet high ethical standards and offer their clients excellent service.

What can you expect from your a/e ProNet broker?

When purchasing or renewing insurance, an a/e ProNet broker will:

  • Present multiple coverage options, if available
  • Explain the differences between insurance companies and policy forms
  • Advise on the best available option based on your firm’s specific situation
  • Offer premium financing options
  • Provide certificates of insurance reflecting updated coverage in a timely manner

A specialist broker works on your behalf far beyond the renewal. An a/e ProNet broker will also provide such value-added services as:

  • Review and negotiation of fair and equitable professional services agreements
  • Pre-claims assistance and counsel regarding the effective reporting and handling of claims
  • References to qualified specialist attorneys in your area
  • Distribution of relevant newsletters and whitepapers (e.g., ProNetwork News)
  • Advice on a wide range of professional practice issues from a risk management perspective
  • In-house seminars and professional liability loss prevention workshops
  • Access to qualified continuing education courses

Our members are individually known for their exemplary service to clients. Their membership in a/e ProNet means you have additional access to a wide-range of risk management and educational resources that few other insurance brokers can match.

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