The a/e ProNet Board of Directors includes six Officers and three Directors-at-Large.

Officers are elected at every other annual meeting and hold their positions for a two-year term.

A single Director-at-Large is elected at each annual meeting and holds that position for a three-year term.

Member Name Member Firm Board Position
Mark Jackson JCJ Insurance President
Johnna Wangensteen Kraus-Anderson Insurance President-Elect
Mike Welbel M G Welbel & Associates, Inc. Past President
Steve Agnew IMC, Inc. Vice President
Brett Coleman Professional Underwriters, Inc. Treasurer
Brad Bush DesignPro Insurance Group Secretary
Justin Klein – (term expires: 3/2021) Klein Agency Director-at-Large
Holly Gill-Gaither – (term expires: 3/2022) Walkerhughes Professional Director-at-Large
Curtis Pancoast – (term expires: 3/2023)  IOA Insurance Services Director-at-Large


Past Presidents of a/e ProNet:

David Lakamp (1987-1990)
Grover Simpson (1990-1992)
Greg Kumm (1992-1994)
Tom Coghlan (1994-1996)
Melissa Roberts (1996-1998)
Meade Collinsworth (1998-2000)
Alicia Igram (2000-2002)
Warren Redeker (2002-2004)
Gary Soderberg (2004-2006)
Jim Maxon (2006-2008)
Scott Miller (2008-2009)
Bob Coleman (2009-2011)
Leslie Pancoast (2011-2013)
Jeff Todd (2013-2015)
Eric Moore (2015-2017)
Mike Welbel (2017-2019)