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a/e ProNet Holds Annual Spring Meeting in Arizona

For the last few sunny days, a/e ProNet members from across the country have gathered in Scottsdale, Arizona for our annual Spring Meeting (March 1-3). a/e ProNet brokers are independent. Technically, we operate as competitors. Membership is by invitation only. We come together voluntarily as recognized leaders in our industry, meeting the insurance needs of architects and engineers. Our combined premium volume, experience, and national reach make our meetings an attractive target for insurance companies, premium finance companies, and other professionals. With our two annual meetings, we keep our fingers on the pulse of the insurance industry and advocate for our clients.

The Spring Meeting

The purpose of our Spring meeting has changed over the last three decades. Invited representatives from the companies and industries mentioned above present to the group on educational topics. This year, attorney David Ericksen of Severson & Werson in San Francisco also organized a series of five panel discussions:

  • Non-Traditional Project Delivery Methods
  • Cyber Communication Conundrums
  • The Prime/Sub Team: Roles, Responsibilities & Risks
  • Contract and Claims Connections
  • Material Transparency & Building Green

Ericksen staffed these panels with underwriters, claims adjusters, etc. from companies like Victor O. Schinnerer, AXIS, Hanover, RLI, Beazley, and several other a/e ProNet sponsors. The panel environment increases the awareness of each company regarding their competitors’ products and services. As well, it gives our members a quick, comprehensive understanding of the market’s overall perspective on these issues.

Along the way, our members also had the opportunity to meet in closed-door sessions. Knowledge exchange like this also keeps us up-to-date on insurance policy forms, financing options, and claims trends. All these things are important to our clients.

If you’re interested in any of the topics covered in our panel discussions, please contact your local a/e ProNet broker for details.

A few more photos from the meeting:

Breakfast outside at the resort
a/e ProNet members Alicia Igram, Melissa Roberts and Leslie Pancoast catch-up at the 2017 Spring Meeting in Scottsdale
Presentation by Kent Holland of Construction Risk PLLC


Panel discussion moderated by Dave Ericksen of Severson & Werson