aeProNet scholarship recipient, Jennifer Stieben, is interning at Tesla!

She is an architectural project management intern for office construction and construction for a new facility. This entails meeting with several people in different disciplines and specializations, creating presentations, making design decisions, and creating and managing project schedules. It involves learning about the construction process, creating and presenting drawings quickly, as well as learning about the manufacturing process. Projects are built by the company’s own construction team or assigned to external designers and contractors.

In Jennifers words:

” I discovered this position out of curiosity and by considering my previous experiences,interests, and strengths. It is a very fun and interesting pathway- The teams, collaboration, and comradery are excellent. It definitely can be hard work in terms of deadlines and the amount of work, but it is great to be surrounded by such sharp individuals and new ideas. We get to see some incredible things, work on amazing projects with some incredible people.

It’s important to explore your own interests and strengths, regardless of what is considered a typical pathway”

We love investing in the future of Architects & Engineers and are very proud of Jennifer and all our Scholarship recipients. Stay tuned as we follow Jennifer’s career.