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Meet Jillian Dlouhy – The New a/e 2023 ProNet Scholarship Recipient

Meet Jillian Dlouhy our 2023 ACEC (American Council of Engineering Companies) Scholarship Recipient.  Jillian is seeking her Masters of Architectural Engineering at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln at Omaha.  In an interview with a/e ProNet’s Executive Director, Lynda Colucci, Jillian calls herself a born problem solver.  She started down the path of engineering in the second grade with a set of Legos and in high school got into modeling software. “Ironically, my parents, my grandparents – no one in my family was in Engineering”.

In college, Jillian was able to take part in the STEM program and STEM got her involved in Community Outreach Projects – especially facilitating mentorships STEM series for young women. Her degree path has been in Mechanical and Electrical Engineering and her goal is to be a Consulting Engineer. Consulting Engineers provide crucial expertise in the planning, analysis, design and construction of our built environment.

Said Jillian, “My dream job is to fix the energy problem.  Work hands on and work with renewable resources.  How do we store it? Our current energy grid can’t handle it.”

We wish her the best of luck and we’ll be following her projects in the coming year.  We think she has a pretty bright future.