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ProNet Clients Among 2017 AIA Indiana Award Winners

Markle Branch Library of Huntington – City Township Public Library – krM Architecture+

Once again, we’re proud to see several of our clients on the list of winners at the AIA Indiana Excellence in Architecture Awards.

AXIS Architecture + Interiors

Honor Award – New Building – (Project cost greater than $5 million)

Project Name:  Cummins LiveWell Center

Jury Comments:

The jury felt this project achieved a rich and simple elegance in both plan organization and exterior lines. We commend the connectivity between the indoor and outdoor environments, the palliative interiors, and use of calming tones and textures. The architectural team’s design response achieved the goal of challenging the stereotypical doctor’s office and exemplifies a holistic integration of architecture, building systems, function and site design.

Honor Award – Renovation / Addition

Project Name: Jarden Home Brands

Jury Comments:

This project creates a work environment successfully designed to foster collaboration and innovation. The design translates well from the initial concept sketches to the three-dimensional outcome with areas defined by varied use of color, texture, and architectural elements. Open collaborative workspace is balanced with quiet space for focused work. A courtyard and skylights enhance the experience for a seemingly large floor plate, bringing daylight to interior spaces. The client’s products are artfully integrated into the design in light fixtures and an art installation that serves a hallmark of the design.

Merit Award – Interior / Retrofit

Project Name: Business Furniture Corporation Office + Warehouse

Jury Comments:

The jury was particularly impressed with the design team’s expression of scale through forms, layers and textures. Marked attention was given to the importance of ceiling planes to define a space. The project clearly articulates a dynamic and collaborative work environment but also showcases the client’s passion for its product through its integration with the design.

Design Excellence

Project Name: Cummins LiveWell Center

Jury Comments:

The Cummins LiveWell Center garnered the jury’s unanimous support for the Design Excellence award. The beautifully proportioned, elegant building goes beyond ordinary expectations. The building’s transparency offers abundant, but managed views, to the mission within. The low-scale, “E” shaped building introduces daylight and affords occupants with views to the outdoors at every turn. Views to gardens in the courtyards and the landscape beyond support our biophilic connection to nature and embodies evidence-based, restorative concepts that support healing and wellness. Beautifully executed and well done.



Merit Award – Historic Restoration

Project Name: Indiana State University – Normal Hall

Jury Comments:

A respectful revival of a building allowed to badly deteriorated over time, and a commitment from the University to the future by restoring this oldest surviving building on-campus. The Jury admired that the design team studied archival photos to reproduce furniture and replace lost materials. The Jury applauds the restoration of the historic stained-glass dome as a centerpiece to celebrate this building. The addition articulates clearly the differentiation of new vs old building with a design reflective of its time, respectful of historic while clearly of a new century, and doesn’t compete but is compatible with original scale and materials. The outcome reflects patience with the process of restoring an old building where unexpected surprises were revealed through careful removal process. Congratulations – well-done!

ONE 10 STUDIO Architects

Merit Award – New Building – (Project cost less than $5 million)

Project Name: City Cottage

Jury Comments:

The City Cottage project succeeds on many levels. As urban infill, it is sensitive to the scale of the neighborhood, as evidenced by the figure ground study and photos of the streetscape. Material changes, made meaningful by their suggestion of interior conditions, successfully mitigate the overall mass of the residence. The open spatial conditions, including those linking interior to exterior, offer abundant natural light and air. Furthermore, the designer’s deft use of materials presents a fresh take on detailing, particularly evident where ash highlights the deceptively simple, elegant stair. It is a pleasure to see a project that has the familiarity of a home while eloquently engaging the materials and vocabularies of the 21st century.

Citation Award – New Building – (Project cost greater than $5 million)

Project Name: Irvington Lofts

Jury Comments:

The jury agreed with the applicant that this project establishes “a new standard for affordable community housing”, accomplished by an unapologetic striving for design excellence in materials, systems, and forms. The building includes elements not usually associated with affordable housing: energy efficiency measures, green roof, solar arrays, provision of a community garden and gathering spaces – all of which contribute to the potential for an outstanding quality of life for residents. Furthermore, the bold insertion of a thoroughly considered modern design in a mixed urban context will have positive ramifications. The modern vocabulary elevates the building type, reminding us that affordable housing can be stimulating and fresh. By making clear its identity as a 21st century design, over time the development will add to the character of the historic district. And perhaps most importantly, the modern Lofts provide residents with uplifting private and public spaces and invigorating building forms, all of which will encourage pride of place.


krM Architecture+

Citation Award – New Building – (Project cost less than $5 million)

Project Name: Markle Branch Library of Huntington – City Township Public Library

Jury Comments:

The Jury found the application of materials, the scale, and simplicity of form especially fitting to the local vernacular. This small library, a community anchor, situates “Architecture” to a small, rural community where “Architecture” is rarely found or celebrated. While the material palette and form is simple, the designer paid attention to detail, especially with the structural elements, the introduction of daylight, and, accomplished a great deal with a presumably limited budget.

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