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Scholarship Recipient Rebecca Rasmussen: My Work To Utilize the Finite Element Method To Create Computational Representations of Geometry Useful in Design, Analysis, and Manufacturing Applications

Rebecca Rasmussen

My research involves working to utilize the finite element method to create computational representations of geometry useful in design, analysis, and manufacturing applications through C++ and CAE applications. Current methods for transferring a geometry made in CAD software to an analysis software involve meshing, which has proven to be time-intensive and problematic for certain geometries (like those with overlapping faces, small protrusions, etc.).


Rather than continuing to approximate the intended geometry, like these current methods do, I am working with a few other research assistants to create a more robust method for representing geometries for analysis purposes. Recently, I have been working with the Rhino CAD interface and updating code to accommodate geometries with trimmed portions (holes or patches) so they work properly when run through an analysis software like LS-DYNA.

The results of an analysis can be seen in the video, which shows a modal analysis run on a trimmed bracket. Continued updates will eventually make it possible to convert the original CAD geometry into a new, single-surface geometry suitable for analysis.