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Scholarship Winner Deanna Ho’s Collaboration on Vehicle Bridge

The 840-foot long, 64-foot wide vehicle bridge spans an area where, in 2017, a Fort Hood Soldier was swept away in flood waters after driving around temporary barriers at the low-water crossing here. The Soldier’s body was never recovered, and a rescue/recover diver also lost her life  In 2022, the $18 million construction project of a bridge over Clear Creek on Turkey Run Road is nearing completion.  The Turkey Runs Road Bridge is just part of Fort Hood’s ongoing efforts to eventually eliminate all low-water crossing areas on paved roads throughout the installation.

Deanna Ho is a recipient of the 2022-2023 David. W. Lakamp Scholarship. She is working this summar as an intern with the US Army Corp of Engineers on the Ft. Hood Bridge project.

I am the Project Engineer, COR (Contracting Officer’s Representative) managing active components of the construction during all phases. Providing direction and assisting in developing and executing the construction of the bridge, collaborating with all levels of the project team (Client, contractor, subcontractor, and project/program manager). As a Project Engineer, I have been incorporating risk management principles to analyze safety concerns that may have a critical impact to the constructability of the project. Implementation and enforcing those risk management plans are strategic to effectively increase risk mitigation throughout the project.

The flooding at the low-water crossing had caused a Fort Hood Soldier to be swept away along with a rescuer lost her life during recovery operations.  The bridge was engineered and designed to effectively reduce risk from flooding on the low-water crossing, constantly used by tactical vehicles.


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