Risk Management for Design Professionals in a World of Change

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Risk Management for Design Professionals in a World of Change


The sequel to our out-of-print first book Risk Management & Contract Guide for Design Professionals, brings into focus: Green, BIM, IPD, P3, international & new contract documents. Soft cover, 2009.

The book includes optional AIA approved continuing education exams up to 9 Learning Units (credit for exams are purchased separately, see below.)

Chapters include:

  • Green Design and Construction
  • Integrated Project Delivery
  • Building Information Modeling
  • Public Private Partnerships
  • International Projects
  • AIA Contract Documents
  • ConsensusDOCS
  • EJCDC Documents

Multiple authors bring to their chapters a wealth of knowledge and experience that will make this book a useful and practical resource to assist design professionals and their attorneys and risk management professionals in managing today’s challenging new risks. Contributing authors include:

  • Hugh N. Anderson
  • Ricardo Aparicio, AIA
  • Howard W. Ashcraft
  • Jerome V. Bales
  • John Binder, AIA
  • Matthew P. Coglianese
  • Heather L. DeBlanc
  • Mark C. Friedlander
  • Suzanne H. Harness, AIA
  • J. Kent Holland
  • Frank D. Musica
  • Brian M. Pcrlberg
  • Heidi H. Rowe
  • Simon J. Santiago
  • Stephen C. Taylor
  • Ujjval K. Vyas
  • John M. Wilson

Book, Soft Cover: Now $19.95 ($29.95 Value)

Continuing Education Courses from This Book

Continuing Education Course 1 Green Design and Construction Risk Management $39.95

Continuing Education Course 2 Integrated Project Delivery and Building Information Modeling $39.95

Continuing Education Course 3 New Contract Documents $49.95

Continuing Education Course 4 International Risk Management and Public Private Partnership Risk Management $29.95