Incredibly, even the global economic crisis hasn’t hardened the Professional Liability Insurance market for Architects and Engineers. Today, there are more insurance companies offering A&E policies than ever. And, thanks to the increasing insurance savvy of Design Professionals (particularly those utilizing the services of specialist brokers), new Professional Liability insurers are offering more in the way of risk management and pre-claims assistance, too.

You’ll find all this information and more outlined in the The Hard Market That Never Came, an analysis of the 2013 Professional Liability Insurance Survey of Carriers, in the February 2014 issue of Engineering, Inc. Continue reading “Engineering Inc. – 2013 Professional Liability Insurance Survey of Carriers”

beazley_logoYou’re invited! Prominent A&E Professional Liability insurance company Beazley will present a risk management webinar for design professionals on September 4, 2013, to explain the basics of professional liability insurance:

How familiar are you with your professional liability insurance policy? If you are not sure what the policy covers or have never had the opportunity to study the policy, this session is for you. In this webinar, we shall consider professional liability insurance from three perspectives: underwriting; claims management; and risk management. We will discuss how the policy works and examine key exclusions of the policy. We will also look at potential coverage issues from a claims and contractual standpoint.

Best of all, Beazley will provide ONE connection free of charge to each participating firm or broker. Read on for more information about Beazley, the webinar, and the possibility of continuing education credits for architects and engineers.

Beazley Risk Management Webinar


Presented by:
Daniel S. Cho, Esq. of Beazley Group
Steve Stephanides, RPLU of Beazley Group; and
Colleen M. Palmer, Esq. of Beazley Group

What You Can Expect:

Please gather all of your professional staff and join us for this valuable 90-minute seminar where you and your staff will have an opportunity to:

  • Learn about professional liability insurance from an underwriting, claims management, and risk management perspective;
  • Discuss important coverage features and critical exclusions contained in the policy;
  • Explore claims and contractual scenarios that may implicate policy exclusions;
  • Ask questions to the presenters; and
  • Qualify for continuing education (C.E.) credits (as applicable). Continue reading “Insurance Academy: The Ins & Outs of Professional Liability Insurance”