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Archilovers: A Fresh, Innovative, International Network for Architects

There are probably many ways for architects to showcase their individual and firm portfolios on the interwebs, but Archilovers has to be one of the best!


This social media network, similar to Facebook, offers architects the unique opportunity to manage an individual profile alongside a professional firm profile. Its online library of contemporary architecture projects is extensive and easily searchable. Alongside the work of internationally renowned architects, you’ll see the accomplishments of smaller design offices and individual designers featured with equal pride.

But Archilovers wants to change the way architecture and design are communicated and consumed. That’s why projects can also be organized (and searched) by Elements, Materials, and Themes!

An example? If you have designed a beautiful internal staircase, you can inform our editorial staff and they will graphically indicate your project in the relevant album “internal staircases”… All the visitors interested in this topic will have another reason for discovering your project and maybe contacting you for new jobs or potential collaborations.

Archilovers also added an ingenious feature specific to the needs of the design industry: Tag the products!

It seems a simple technical detail, actually it is a real turning point in how architecture is communicated and exploited. Now, every time we browse the photos of a project, we can finally find out what the product used is called, look at its technical fact sheet and contact the manufacturer.

On Archilovers you can tag both the most common products and less famous products like niche products, technical products or products designed especially for that application or handmade products with hypertext links. At last no geographical limits!

Setting up a profile is free and easy. As you can see on their searchable map, the majority of Archilovers’ projects are currently European, but the westward winds are definitely picking up. We hope you’ll check it out!