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Green Projects

By now, most architects and engineers know that green projects are special. They require close attention to a different set of details, further education regarding materials and relevant research, and possibly an enhanced caution when it comes to contracts. You know this. But does your insurance broker?

The following is an excerpt from a newsletter authored by a/e ProNet member Meade Collinsworth of Collinsworth, Alter, Fowler & French, LLC in Miami Lakes, Florida.

“The more I read and research this topic, the more concerned I become with the potential for uninsured claims that can arise out of these projects. In fact, a “green project” is not just another project! I think the very first place that you should begin to review the exposures that arise from green projects would be your client contracts. It is absolutely essential that all contractors review their contracts prior to signing them in order to understand their rights and responsibilities in order to mitigate misunderstandings. This is the reason I am going to concentrate on the contract review process in this articles as I believe this will assist you in meeting your due diligence needs on green projects.”

The full-length PDF version of the article can be found at our website, here.