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Professional Liability Insurance Providers

Currently, there are a record number of insurance companies in the market that offer Professional Liability (E&O) policies for design professionals. This number fluctuates almost annually based on company interest, company loss ratios, and other dry, tedious factors which you probably don’t want to care about. And that’s okay. It is your insurance broker’s job to care about your insurance options.

So, who are the top Professional Liability insurance providers for architects and engineers?

a/e ProNet is a network of independent insurance brokers. This means we are not restricted by quotas and obligations dictated by any one insurance company. We are, therefore, free to represent the best interests of our clients and we do that by staying up to date on the Professional Liability programs available in your state.

Our organization is sponsored by several insurance companies with top-tier Professional Liability programs. The following is a list of our sponsors with links to the webpages which detail their respective Professional Liability insurance programs.

RLI Design Professionals
Navigators Pro
Victor O. Schinnerer
The Hanover Insurance Group
Liberty International Underwriters
OneBeacon Professional Insurance

(Keep in mind that this is not an exhaustive list. There are more Professional Liability insurance programs out there, and a/e ProNet brokers work with many of those, as well.)

Each Professional Liability program is unique. Here are a few of the factors that vary between them:

  • Coverage modifying endorsements
  • Pricing models
  • Preferred disciplines (architects, civil engineers, geotechs, etc.)
  • Application requirements
  • Consideration of loss history (past claims)
  • Limits/Deductibles offered
  • Multi-year policy availability
  • Billing thresholds
  • Premium credits

If/when you have questions about which of these professional liability insurance providers would best meet your needs, contact your local a/e ProNet broker. We’re here to answer your questions.